All You Should Know About Alkaline diet recepies

alkaline-diet-phchartAlkaline is most synonymous with its energy producing properties, hence alkaline batteries. It is this same energy-generating properties that have been integrated into a diet principle. The alkalizing diet also known by several other names such as ash diet, acid alkaline diet, and the alkaline acid diet, is a method of consuming food that will leave ash residue, therefore, prompting a process similar to catabolized foods. Catabolize or catabolism simply put is a manner of breaking down molecules into simple waste, therefore, creating energy.

While the diet sounds complex in reality it is not. Alkalizing diets revolve around simple rules such as consuming several fresh fruits of the citrus family, legumes, vegetables, tubers, nuts and low sugar based fruits. Just about all the food consumed and digested once released to the blood is either converted into acids or alkaline. Exceptions to the alkalizing diet are fungi, sugar, caffeine and alcohol as well as avoidance of grains. The reason for this exception is that these foods once digested will turn into acid.

We should be aware that through time, as we accumulate lots of junk in our body, it then deteriorates. Undeniably, we are aware that smoking is not good for us and it poses cancer. Drinking alcohols does also ruin our healthy being.

There can be many causes why we tend to get sick and turn to be unhealthy when we age. Some people have misconception on the proper way of eating. Moreover, some people are not picky with what they eat and they do not think of how this will affect them after. Why do many of us suffer from heart diseases and other common illnesses such as diabetes? Why are there people who are getting obese?

Alkaline diet includes incorporating alkaline foods in your diet instead of foods that produce acid ash after our body system processed them.

We should know that these foods are mostly fruits and fresh vegetables which are rich in minerals and vitamins. If we prefer eating much of meaty foods such as beef and pork, then we are not trying to be healthy since they produce acid ash rather than alkaline one and therefore, pH balance is not enhanced. We must also know that foods such as these cause heart problems, obesity and other serious diseases.

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