Our Philosophy at Avonlea Dental Clinic

dentistMany things change in dentistry year by year. This may lead to a confusing array of options that may or may not meet your specific dental needs. Often times, treatment methods are marketed before they are thoroughly tested, leaving the dental consumer unsure as to what is right or wrong for optimum dental health.

It is important, that you know what dental treatments are available, the advantages and disadvantages of each option and allowing you to choose that treatment which suits your individual needs.

As your dental care providers, it is our primary role to use the resources at our disposal to guide you through different treatment options, so that we can generate a plan of action; to help your desired level of dental health and well being.

At Avonlea Dental Clinic; we believe in the strength of dental teamwork and are not reluctant to seek consultation from area specialists, medical and dental on your behalf and to work collectively with co-providers.

At the end of the day it is not about us but about you. Let us help you to achieve your dental goals.


Dental needs fulfilled at Avonlea Dental

We aim to ensure that beautiful teeth stay that way by providing outstanding, pain-free dentistry at prices that are the best value.

We take time to understand your problems, and prevent future problems by helping you to understand what causes them.

Our services include:

    • friendly caring service
    • laser detection of early decay
    • painless treatment of decay
    • painless anesthetics
    • cosmetic dentistry
    • restorative dentistry
    • implants
    • bleaching
    • veneers
    • stain removal
    • hygiene treatment
    • metal restorations
    • metal-free restorations
    • sensitive tooth treatment

As well as fulfilling all your general dental needs including regular check-ups, cleaning and polishing, and both metal and metal-free restorations, we also provide a full range of cosmetic and preventative dental care.

Use of the latest laser technology allows us to detect and treat tooth decay before you need a filling! Once the early decay is detected, we can treat it with ozone gas, killing the bacteria that cause the decay. Fast, painless and effective treatment for tooth decay, with no drilling required!

Treatment is only provided if clinically appropriate. If you search clinic Nanaimo and visit our website for more details.

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